Your Marketing SPRINT

Get your ducks in a row with a custom-designed marketing plan.



With 122 channels to use for marketing, it is no wonder businesses feel like they are never sure if they are completely up-to-date with their marketing efforts.  Should you use video? SMS? Voice Recognition?

And who has the time?  A SPRINT is a one-day, intensive strategy and training session.  It gets you started on using the right channels with the right message to the right audience.

Well, all right, then!  Ready to SPRINT?

What to expect . . .

Step 1:  Starting Line Interview
We do a 1.5 - 2 hour meeting and provide a "one-page marketing plan"-- laying out your unique brand messaging and your goals.

$750 (can be applied to SPRINT day investment)

Step 2:  SPRINT Day
In your one-day, intensive session, we setup your year-long marketing plan.

We layout your "one-page marketing plan" in a marketing calendar and give you to the tools to run your campaigns, including social media, digital ads and/or print.

Finally, we set up your KPI (Key Performance Indicator) dashboard to allow you to monitor your success as you go.

Ready? Set.  SPRINT!


Why a SPRINT . . .

We work with you to identify and clarify your unique value proposition.

The Google SPRINT methodology was developed to allow participants to take "time out" of the normal routine to allow the level of concentration needed to effect real change.

Marketing today brings lots of opportunity, but it takes a focussed effort to put together a plan that will work for YOUR business!  Your one day Marketing SPRINT will give you that time to build the skills to carryout and then measure your marketing efforts.

Your time is valuable--let's use it to your best advantage!  Sign up for your SPRINT day today!

"A SPRINT is your chance to check the navigation charts and steer in the right direction before going full steam ahead."

"You need good solutions, fast. As the name suggests, a SPRINT is built for speed."

"A SPRINT can be a booster rocket: a fresh approach to problem solving that helps you escape gravity's clutches."

 - Jake Knapp, Author of Google SPRINT