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What is a ChatBot?

We use ChatBots for all different types of businesses and customer service.

A ChatBot is one of the latest marketing tools using technology. Using Facebook Messenger, ChatBots scan for keywords within the users input, then responds with a reply that best fits their statement.

Chatbots help drive engagement to your brand. ChatBots create an automated conversation with your audience when they visit Facebook Messenger and/or your website. Even when you are unavailable, your ChatBot isn't!

Why a ChatBot?

Personalized User Experience

We can now create much more meaningful and personalized experiences thanks to ChatBots ability to parse language and understand users intent. It’s easy to segment your audience and give different users a different experiences.

When a user starts chatting, the business knows the user identity and has access to all past interactions. ChatBots get smarter with each new interaction and can constantly learn from user’s behavior. This creates a more personalized response based on past purchases, complaints and requests.

Better and Faster Experience

Even the least tech-savvy people can easily understand how to chat with a ChatBot. Instead of a user having to search the entire website to find an answer about your business, they can ask the ChatBot and get a response instantly. ChatBots can now do individual targeting to reach mass audiences at an individual level.

ChatBots collect information about your customers during each engagement. You then can re-engage with users and build a better relationship, which then leads to more sales. Using Facebook Messenger, brands are able to send relevant messages in a personalized way much faster.


Hand-off to a Human Seamlessly

ChatBots alone cannot solve each and every problem users may have. Sometimes the ChatBot cannot have the expected answer to the users question or statement. Your business is notified of the new conversation happening. You can follow along the conversation and, at any time, can step into the conversation seamlessly.

You can even engage with a user after the conversation is over. If the user is unavailable at that time, a notification is sent to the user's phone (which keeps the user engaged).

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