When we first tried Virtual Reality Oculus Rift at our local library, we were blown away and knew MediaTrik needed to be a part of this new immersive technology.

Why?  Because it really “puts” you in the moment–whether that moment is real or imagined. 

At the SouthGlenn Library we all tried going on a virtual roller coaster–and were glad that we weren’t afraid of heights!  Imagine that we are saying that considering that we each were sitting safely in a stable chair in the library–Wow!

This technology opens up a whole new opportunity for our clients and businesses everywhere.

 Jon will be offering 3-D, immersive (virtual reality) imaging to our clients Spring 2015.   While these “experiences” can be viewed on a tablet (moving the tablet to see the 360° effect), when viewed with a headset, they create a powerful emotional response–you actually feel like you are in that time and place. 

We recently created “Memory Spheres” during our vacation and felt like we are right back in the middle of our vacation again.  It was awesome!  We realized that we would love to have just such a “MemorySphere” of a wedding, graduation, kindergarten graduation… the list goes on. 

On the commercial side, we look forward to offering travel sites, and real estate developers an opportunity to “experience” their products.  Look for our new product offering next month.

If you’re looking for help building your business and increasing your sales, we’d love to help. Set up a free consultation! Let us know how MediaTrik could help your company use this new product! 720-663-7669