Your Marketing SPRINT

Stop feeling ALONE in running your marketing.

A Marketing SPRINT is one-day personalized setup of your year-long marketing plan--the support you need!


Who can benefit?

Marketing SPRINTs are for businesses looking to reset their marketing efforts -- to make them focused and the results measurable.   This is for you if you are looking for a customized marketing plan which will show you which digital channels will be the most successful and how to best use them.  RIGHT. NOW.

What to expect . . .

Step 1:  Starting Line Interview
We build a "one-page marketing plan" which is the basis of our SPRINT day.

Step 2:  SPRINT Day
In your one-day, intensive session, we setup your year-long marketing plan.

We start with a marketing calendar and give you the tools to run your campaigns, including social media, digital ads and/or print.

Finally, we set up your KPI (Key Performance Indicator) dashboard to allow you to monitor your success as you go.

Ready? Set.  SPRINT!

About a Marketing SPRINTs


We create your year-long marketing calendar.  We setup your marketing templates and train you on how to use them.


Get your plan, setup and training in single sprint session.  Your message is crystalized and you'll learn how you can pivot as you interact with your customers.


Attractive, energetic messaging will help you build great relationships with your customers.  Start building your engagement today!

"A SPRINT is your chance to check the navigation charts and steer in the right direction before going full steam ahead."

"You need good solutions, fast. As the name suggests, a SPRINT is built for speed."

"A SPRINT can be a booster rocket: a fresh approach to problem solving that helps you escape gravity's clutches."

 - Jake Knapp, Author of Google SPRINT

Other Skills

Video / 360 Photography / Drone Video

Our Google Trusted media staff will produce engaging multimedia content including drone videos.

Alexa Skills / ChatBots

As Facebook ChatBot and Alexa Skills developers, we create innovative UX solutions.

Websites / SEO / AMP Pages

Get the latest SEO tools, like super-fast Google AMP pages that can give you the edge in mobile marketing.