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How this service works at MediaTrik

Step 1:
Set Your Strategy

Identify the "experience" that will best suit your goals.  (For example, interior pictures of your facility.)

Step 2:
On-site Photography / Videography

by Google Trusted Photographer at your location.

Step 3:


Assembling, editing and publishing of your project.

VR: Immersive Experience

Virtual Vacations

Honestly, the first time I used 3D was taking vacation "pictures" in Hawaii. When I got back and put on the Oculus Rift type headset and the earbuds, and I was back! I was looking down at the reef and hearing the crash of the waves.

It was 5 minutes, but it was 5 minutes of delight. I could look around and I was in that beautiful moment. Experiencing it from 3000 miles away. Immersive, in this case, meant completely relaxing--it took me away for those 5 refreshing minutes.


Memory Spheres

Once I experienced a vacation "moment," I realized what a joy this would be to re-live special moments in the future. I wished I could have captured a 3D representation of my wedding or a kindergarten graduation or just a backyard picnic. Sigh... But think of all the moments ahead to capture and enjoy!


3D Photography Services

We look forward to helping our clients capture these moments to share as a marketing tool (or for special occasions). We can capture, edit and display your 3D "moments" -- just give us a call to setup an appointment.

Looking forward to helping you with your "captures."

Capturing Moments:

Our staff photographer looks forward to helping you capture special moments like:

  • Weddings
  • Graduations
  • Special Events

What's included

  • VR Headset to work with your cell phone.
  • Your photosphere(s)
  • File which available for you to use and/or share
  • Instructions about how to enjoy
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