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Organic Traffic - SEO

SEO Monitoring

Search Engine Optimization


Organic SEO is the solution to gaining more search-engine traffic to your website by ensuring your pages are technically sound, keyword rich and relevant to your customer's search queries. Search Engine Optimization should be built into your entire site as early as possible as part of your development strategy.

Search engines place importance on the content of each individual web page, ranking it based on relevancy and authority. Since search engines rank pages, not sites, it is important to include fresh, unique, and quality content using industry keywords so every page of your site is optimized.

Our first step is do a complete website audit. Based on this we develop an improvement plan to update your website SEO. These updates include updating on-page text, HTML programming, link usage, META information, navigation, urls and images,.

Once the Organic Website SEO is completed we add your website to Google Webmaster Tools and request for it to be re-spidered to take advantage of your improved site content. We also re-analyze your website at no extra cost to show you all the updates that have been made and the new SEO and Technical scores we have achieved.



SEO Monitoring is recommended after Organic Website SEO to implement marketing strategies to improve your sites popularity, social conversations, local search listings and overall business rankings online. Google measures how many external websites have links pointing to your site and factor in your page ranking. The more popular your site appears to a search engine the higher your page rank will be.

We provide all SEO monitoring in-house utilising the latest digital marketing strategies to ensure the continual success of your online business.

Your plan should be to get on the first page of Google and stay there. SEO monitoring services offer lasting results that lead new customers to your website and is the key to your continuing success in traffic generation and website authority.

Local SEO Optimization


Local SEO Rankings count for over 20% of desktop computer searches on Google and nearly 100% of all mobile and tablet searches. Google looks at your individual browsing history to work out what location you normally search for and then personalizes search results for all your queries, to that specific location.

The best method for top rankings in local searches is by creating an optimized Google+ Local Page. A Google+ Page allows local Businesses to obtain an enhanced 1st page ranking on Google using the Google Maps feature with drop-pin (to show exactly where your Business is located), for searches that are location based.

The relevancy of these listings and the order that they appear within the Maps feature is chosen by Google, depending on how optimized the Business listing is, your online reputation and the reviews about your business that are collected from sites like Yelp and Zagat.

Your Business should also be listed with local online networks and directories to create a broader customer-base and help drive traffic to your website.

With all local listings, we include information about your Business including contact details, trading hours, products or services, logo, images and links to your YouTube videos.


It's great to have a website, but most are not of use unless you have traffic. MediaTrik is a full-service agency which means we provide a great website, as well as training, support and marketing services. We love to see how businesses grow with a smart website that supports both your marketing and business practices.

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